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This is a "custom" Mesa Lonestar Classic Head (50/100W). I used to have it in combo setting but decided to convert to head. So, the enclosure was custom built to make it a more portable head. I was able to find the cool vintage "Boogie" emblem and had it mounted. Because of the new size of the head, we had to put in a new spring reverb tank (so much sweeter than the stock one). Also, my amp tech did a simple mod to the master pot (audio taper vs. linear taper) of the gain channel and it brought the amp to life! It sounds sooo much better and open now. I absolutely love how it enhanced the already awesome stock sound (easily reversible if you want to go back to stock). I'm letting it go because my playing and sound is starting to take a new direction. It includes the custom D2F cover. The head couldn't look better. It looks like new! Also, it has new EL-34 tubes plus I'm including the original Mesa 6L6's. I'll also include the original footswitch PLUS a smaller footprint footswitch (3.6"x1.5"x1") that my amp tech designed for me; GREAT for pedalboards. Absolute pristine condition both sonically and cosmetically. Let me know if you have any questions/offers.